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Business Benchmarking Machine

Highly analytical platform, capable of producing standard or user-defined reports, offering a comprehensive image of the financial status and trends in the last 7 years for over 200.000 entities in Romania (93% of the national turnover), highlighting the net impact of pandemics years against previous period (2015-2019).

Most suited for outlining the profile of any entity, sector, industry or for establishing an accurate benchmark of a certain industry or competition roster in a matter of seconds.

Automotive Landscape

Monthly updated, Automotive Landscape is a highly intuitive platform that provides an image of the dynamics of the car registration volume in Romania for all vehicle categories, segregated on brand, years of service, technical attributes (fuel type, engine capacity, power) at national or county level.

Highlights on emerging trends on different time horizons (monthly, quarterly, yearly) for any mix of attributes selected by user makes Automotive Landscape one of the indispensable tools in the process of strategic and/or current operational decisions.

CFO Compass

Collection of reports, highlighting the business financial status and critical trends on different time scales (month, quarter, year, last 12 months), CFO Compass offers the full image for relevant business key areas at different granularity levels such as cost/profit center, division, entity, group, etc.

CFO Compass Report - most suited for top management/board of directors, an exhaustive view of all relevant KPI for the current status of the entity and the perspective of evolution in the near-term, medium-term, long-term.
CFO Compass Analytics - highly analytical platform, with advanced drill-down features that provides quick access to relevant information/customized reports at user choice regarding granularity level (KPIs, financial statements/ Internal reports lines, synthetic/analytical accounts).

Financial Controller Virtual Assistant

Important resource in the area of internal control, FCVA increases the accuracy and reduces the time in the process of 100% scanning the accounting data for unusual transactions, events or conditions. It maps the raw data from transaction level to financial statements or internal reports in order to detect and report any significant departure from user expectations or patterns distinct from the relevant past time intervals.

Mostly suited for operational activities related to reporting, controlling and internal audit, it gives maximum effectiveness to the process of addressing unusual circumstances, by saving time spent in identifying potential issues and allowing targeted analysis of data at any relevant level of aggregation.

Sales Analyzer

A well-structured report on sales related data providing instant views on overall sales performance enabling the user to explore at a glance any segment of interest (combinations of client, category of products/services, region, etc.) and to identify the areas where corrections are necessary in order to maximize the efficiency of products/services and partners portfolio management.

Sales Analyzer blends a set of KPIs focused on sales physical and monetary volume, mark-up, inventory turnover, etc., each one in terms of status and trends. Clients, products and suppliers are allocated to different categories in terms of sales and value added, in a dynamic manner for relevant time scale.

It is highly configurable in line with business specifics (internal organization, strategy, objectives, geography, etc).
Its most value stands in using it for setting and executing sales strategy, following sales performance at multiple levels.
It provides highlights on adjustments to be considered in relation to clients, suppliers and categories of products in order to maximize the overall performance.