Enter The Most Exhaustive Public
Available Financial Database

The best aggregation of financial public available data structured in a business ready report to inform your strategy

We have structured all relevant financial information published by the Romanian Ministry of Finance encompassing data from more than 200.000 entities operating in Romania, accounting for 93% of the total turnover nationwide.

Our database contains the entities which fulfill at least one of the following:
- Turnover exceeding 1.000.000 lei
- Total assets over 500.000 lei
- Statutory financial statements submitted at the Ministry of Finance at the date of our last query: first day of current month
- We have not included financial entities in our database

A Hivetech proprietary index set showing the status of an entity in a split second

The Benefits of Using Business Benchmarking Machine


The status of any entity in an exhaustive dashboard, using an intuitive color scheme.


The development of an entity against its competitive environment.


Particular features of business models adopted by top players in any industry of interest.


The business strategy milestones for the mid to long term.

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